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What We Do

What We Do

We are Committed to Providing Peerless Craftsmanship and Exceptional Results

We provide a full range of repair and maintenance services to both domestic and commercial properties in Islamabad.

No matter which service you need, we have the right individuals available to complete the job in an efficient and timely manner. Our craftsman can diagnose any type of problem and have the necessary expertise and equipment to fix it.

We always strive to deliver the highest quality services possible to our customers and exceed their expectations.

Services We Offer


Regular maintenance of your property is critical to keep things running smooth. From repair or maintenance of your heating and cooling systems, to installation of appliances, let us take on all the projects on your list.


If anything in your building is beyond repair and needs replacement, turn to Service Square to get the new item accurately and efficiently installed by industry experts.


If you want to rediscover the lost glory of your home/workspace or just looking to upgrade, we can provide you quality restoration and renovation services for any type of project.

Other Services

We also offer a wide range of general needs and business services.

Get in Touch

Please feel free to get in touch for help with your property repair and maintenance needs. We will get back to you ASAP.