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1. Definitions & Interpretations

In these terms and conditions,
 The Company/We/Us refers to Service Square, a company registered in Islamabad that operates the website www.servicesquare.com.pk.
 The Client or You means an individual or the company to whom Service Square provides its services.
 Technician/handyman means a person appointed by the Company to undertake the work.
 Contract means the agreement between the Service Square and the client to carry out the Works.
 Work(s) means the work to be effected in terms of this contract by Service Square at the workspace as specified on the face hereof.
 Site means any property occupied by the Client where the handyman performs the Work.

2. Estimates / Quotations

In these terms and conditions,
 a. All the quotations provided to The Client either verbally or in writing, are an estimate of the likely minimum cost of the Work, based on the information made available to the Company.
 b. The Company will carry out all the works in accordance with the rates and fees applicable at the time and reserves the right to increase them.
 c. Service Square reserves the right to increase the price before conducting the Work due to rise in the cost of required material, equipment or, labor since the date on which the quotation was provided to the client, either verbally or in writing.

3. Dates

Any dates provided in estimates/quotes to the client, either verbally or in writing, are estimated dates only and our failure to start or finish on any given dates in these estimates/quotes shall not be considered as a breach of this agreement by us and the client shall have no right in respect of any penalties in this regard.

4. Materials

 a. At the time Service Square starts its job, it may not have all the necessary materials to carry out its Work. In this case, The Company may have to buy the materials. Our tradesmen will travel to the local supplier, purchase the material and return to the Site. If the material is not available in the local market, the supplier will search for the material and order it with your consent. Once the material is received, our technicians will return to the Site to continue the Work.
 b. Service Square will not accept the responsibility of any faulty/parts material. We will exchange the parts only if it is found to be faulty during fitting. In case the client finds a faulty part after the Work has been done and requires a further visit from us to replace it, additional costs will incur.
 c. Service Square reserves the right to not use the material and install the parts supplied by the client that it believes are not suitable.

5. Your Obligations

 a. Service Square expects its clients to provide correct information about the Work they require from us. If the information provided to us is incorrect or insufficient, we may take extra charges to cover any extra work done by us.
 b.  The client shall provide immediate access to the work area to our technicians and ensure that all the necessary facilities that might be required to undertake the Work, like electricity and water, are available. If the Work is delayed due to unavailability of these facilities, additional charges might apply.
 c. If the client believes that there are any dangerous liquids, gases or other materials on the Site that may pose a danger to the handymen, he should inform the Company before the commencement of Work.

6. Pricing & Payments

 a. The standard price for the services Service Square is available at www.servicesquare.com.pk/.These prices are fixed and non-negotiable for non-members and are exclusive for normal business hours (between 9 AM to 6 PM). The work after working hours and business days is available at extra charges.
 b.  The non-member clients are liable to make the payment to the handyman after the completion of Work. We accept cash payments only.
 c. Service Square offers different membership packages for its residential and corporate clients. These membership prices are billed monthly, and the members are required to pay their fee by 10th of every month unless otherwise agreed in writing.

7. Cancelation

 a. Any contract may only be canceled with Service Square’s consent in writing. Otherwise, the client will be liable to indemnify The Company against all losses, damages, and claims.
 b.  To cancel a scheduled appointment, the client must notify Service Square in writing at least 24 hours before the scheduled time to avoid any charges.

8. Force Majeure

Service Square will neither be in breach of this agreement nor liable for delay in performing on the Work or failure to perform it at all, if such delay or failure is caused by the events and occurrences beyond its control like electricity outage, protests, strikes, lockouts, fire, flood, storms, earthquakes, and acts of terrorism.

7. Work Guarantee

 a. Service Square will only fix the defect of completed Work free of cost that is properly reported to it within 72 hours and has arisen from a breach of the Company’s obligations under the terms and agreement.
 b.  Service Square is not obliged to fix the faults for free that has occurred due to misuse and an additional cost will be incurred for any remedial work.
 c.  Service Square shall not be liable for any loss or damage on the Work which is not caused by the negligence of the Company or breach of the Contract by us.

7. Law & Jurisdiction

 a. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
 b.  Any dispute between the Company and the client arising out of or in correction with this agreement shall fall within the jurisdiction of the courts of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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