HVAC (Heating & Cooling) Maintenance

HVAC (Heating & Cooling)

Irrespective of their type and size, HVAC systems are complex and start to break down after some years. If not addressed on time, even a minor issue can become complicated and leave you in need of expensive repair and even premature replacement. Our technicians can fix the problem of any complexity in your HVAC system and get you back to comfort in the very first visit.

Range of Services
  • Gas Refilling - Fridge / Refrigerator / Deep Freezer (Guaranteed USA Honeywell Gas)
  • Gas Refilling for Regular AC (Guaranteed USA Honeywell R22 Gas)
  • Gas Refilling for Inverter AC (Guaranteed USA Honeywell R410 Gas)
  • HVAC, Central Cooling System & Commercial Chiller Service
  • Removal of AC
  • PCB card repairing (1 to 2 ton AC)
  • Split AC Service / Cleaning Normal
  • Split AC Service / Cleaning Full
  • Window AC Service
  • Service Casette and Standing Units
  • Others...