Landscaping and gardening in Islamabad

construction improvement

Landscaping Maintenance

If you need help maintaining your landscape, look no further than Service Square. Our landscaping services include grooming, perpetual weeding, pruning, fertilizing, mulching, pest control, and irrigation. We also regularly remove fallen leaves, branches and other debris to ensure that your garden maintains its natural state and beauty

Landscaping Restoration

If your garden has lost its natural beauty due to lack of attention, we can bring it back to life by replacing the dead grass with new turf and planting or transplanting trees. Our experts use industry-powered tools and machinery to achieve the results you are looking for.

Landscaping Improvement

If you are not happy with your current garden, we can give it an entirely new look. Our experts remove poorly performing plants, pull weeds and prepare the land for the forthcoming season. We can tailor the project to fit your budget and personal preferences and propose cost-effective solutions.