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Generator Maintenance & Repair

A generator must be regularly maintained to ensure that it is in optimal working order in the event of an unexpected power failure and avoid costly consequences when it does not perform as it should.

A broken or malfunctioning generator may lead to lengthy delays and partial or complete shutdowns and cripple your entire business operations in a matter of moments in case of the failure of your main power source.

At Service Square, we understand that your generator system should be operating at optimal performance levels to keep your business operations running smoothly. This is why our incredibly skilled and highly experienced generator mechanics always stand ready to ensure that you have power when you need it most.

Our experts perform routine inspections of your generator to ensure that any malfunction is corrected before it becomes a problem so that you can expect peak performance and worry-free operations from it even in the worst of storms.

We also take pride in providing a seamless generator repair service, thanks to our access to a large inventory of parts from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Our experts are well-equipped to service propane, natural gas, and diesel generators of all models and makes and can provide optional services such as power system analysis, upgrade programs and load bank testing.

Our scheduled generator maintenance plans can be tailored to meet your specific needs and are available in monthly, quarterly and semi- intervals.

So if you notice there is a problem with your generator or want to subscribe to a preventive maintenance plan to keep your generator up and run efficiently, call us for top-of-the-line yet affordable services.

Range of Services
  • Generator Installation
  • Generator Repairing
  • Generator Service 100-250 KVA
  • Generator ATS Pannel 100-250 KVA
  • Generator Serviece 3-5 KVA(oil ,Filter Change)
  • Generator Service 1 to 20KVA (Oil & Amp , Filter Change)

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