Cloud Team

Our skilled team of cloud consultants possesses a diverse skillset to help businesses of all sizes at every step of their cloud journey.

By utilizing our technical resources, you can save the cost and hassle involved in recruiting and training a team of specialized in-house professionals.


Here is why businesses across a wide range of industries trust Service Square to keep their IT operations running smoothly and efficiently.

High Productivity

We assign dedicated developers and resources to each and every project we undertake. It helps prevents inefficiency that occurs when tasks are switched between different team members. We have invested in some of the most advanced tools that enable us to manage cloud ecosystems even in the most demanding environments.

Quick Response Time

Unlike your in-house IT department team, our cloud experts remain available 24/7 to monitor your IT infrastructure to fix any issues before they become real problems. This helps you to prevent your business from extreme circumstances.

Cost Saving

By outsourcing your cloud infrastructure to us, you can save a lot of money and give yourself and your IT team more room to focus on the core aspects of your business to achieve your organizational goals.

Greater Control over Resources

We provide you the greater freedom to manage your resources. You gain complete control over who is working on a specific project and what the responsibilities of each member of the team are.

Get in Touch

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