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Large organizations rely on different digital applications and systems for internal communication between employees, different departments, partners and other stakeholders. A common issue which arises in scenarios is the lack of coordination among different applications and systems. Therefore, it is important that all the applications within an enterprise play well together for exchange of information to drive the business operations.

We at Service Square offer Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) services to effectively and securely integrate all the systems and applications within an enterprise.

We can integrate applications, legacy systems and database across an enterprise to build an efficient, highly scalable and easy to use system that streamlines all your business processes.

We will thoroughly analyze your unique enterprise needs and implement the right integration solution to help you achieve operational excellence, reduce cost and deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

Benefits of Enterprise Application Integration

There are numerous benefits of Enterprise Application Integration. Some of the most common include;

Improved Efficiency

Application integration enables the enterprises to make their communication easier, reduces their resource utilization, and provides greater control over the operations that result in an increased efficiency of the organization.

Improved Information Sharing

Application integration creates a single-entry point between different departments of an organization, which significantly reduces the time and effort required in searching for specific information and ensures that the data is always up-to-date.

Reduced IT Cost and Investment

EAI enables the organizations to combine old and new versions of the software, which means no previous version has to be deleted. This, in turn, significantly brings down the initial and ongoing investment on software.

Our Full Cycle Integration Process


We evaluate the systems and their components be integrated and provide a solution aligned to your needs.


We develop a comprehensive project plan wherein we will define the project timeline.


We integrate systems and all of their components and fine-tune deployed integrations.


We evaluate the implemented integration solutions to diagnose and fix existing issues for optimum stability.


We optimize the implemented integrations using industry-leading tools and methodologies.


We monitor the integrated applications 24x7x365 and troubleshoot any problems right away.

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